• General characteristics

    GateBox is the easiest and most complete solution for simple and quick use of the CAREL WebGate. Everything needed to supply, program, connect and position the device easily and get it up on the network in just a few minutes is housed inside a small plastic container with IP protection. The 2m long, BS 1363 power supply cable is provided inside the package. A connector on the GateBox side allows easy RS485 connection, two grommets are provided for possible RS232 connection and directly on the body of the WebGate for Ethernet connection. Inside the box, a transformer and two fuses are already installed.

    WebGate allows connection of all CAREL controllers to any ™-TCP/IP Ethernet network, the most widespread communication standard. These are the technologies that the Internet is based on and thanks to these, WebGate allows the use of browsers for diagnostic functions and local and remote system monitoring. The TCP/IP protocol then supports other protocols that can be used to transfer all the data coming from controllers connected to the Ethernet™ network to a local or remote supervisor. WebGate is also easily configured via RS232.




  • Manuals
    Code Description Language Date * Release
    Code +030221141
    Description Quadro elettrico / Electrical panel / Tableau électrique / Manuale di istruzioni per l’installazione, uso e manutenzione / Installation user & maintenance manual / Manuel d’instructions pour l’installation, l’utilisation et l’entretien
    Language ENG  FRE  ITA 
    Date 08/03/2024
    Release 1.1


  • High resolution images
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    Code PH12LQU30I-gatebox
    Description CAREL GateBox - Electrical panel for display cases - Powersolutions
    Language ALL 
    Date 28/03/2022
    Release R.0