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  • General characteristics

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    "Air humidity in paint booths"


    The increasingly pressing need to develop industrial processes with a low environmental impact has led to growing use of waterborne paints in the aeronautical and automotive industries.
    However, when using waterborne paints, extremely precise control of the temperature-humidity conditions inside the paint booths is required.
    If air humidity is too high, for example, the layer of enamel sprayed onto the body may be excessively diluted, with consequent formation of minute "pockets" of liquid that evaporate when drying in the oven, creating defects and the formation of small craters on the painted surface.
    Vice-versa, too low relative humidity causes the early evaporation of the water contained in the droplets of spray paint, decreasing fluidity and covering capacity.


    Precise air humidity control therefore means greater control over the process and the resulting quality. Paint booths must therefore feature air handling and humidification systems that can modulate capacity according to the climatic conditions.


    Carel supplies a vast range of humidifiers, for reliable and safe air humidity control. Models include steam humidifiers with a wide range of flow-rates, as well as adiabatic humidifiers, which atomise water into very fine droplets that, by evaporating spontaneously, humidify and cool the air. Adiabatic humidifiers not only feature very low energy consumption, but also control both air humidity and temperature.


    There is moreover one other fundamental characteristic that plays a decisive role in the painting process: the complete absence of silicon particles in the environment. Indeed, if accumulating on the painted body, these particles prevent the paint from sticking, creating craters on the surface of the painted metal and causing a defect referred to as "fish eyes".
    To respond to this need too, Carel offers products that are certified as "Silicon Free", thus guaranteeing maximum process reliability and safety.



  • Plus

    Download our white paper:
    "Air humidity in paint booths"


    Selecting CAREL humidifiers for painting booths means:
    • Top precision for humidity control
    • Humidifiers guaranteed as "silicon free" to prevent fish eye defects;
    • Very low energy consumption for adiabatic humidifiers;
    • Little maintenance, back up and redundancy to ensure system operation continuity