Museums: maintaining the correct level of humidity and temperature


Preserving works of art...
...through precise
temperature and humidity control


Works of art inevitably experience continual degradation as a result of the materials they are composed of.

Wood, canvas and paper are highly hygroscopic, meaning both their shape and quality may vary if not preserved in environments in which air temperature and humidity remain stable over time, within clearly defined limits.

Changes in outside weather conditions, the age of the buildings that host the works, large numbers of visitors and artificial lighting are the main external factors that can cause rapid deterioration of artworks.




Wooden artworks

ico hygiene


ico hygiene

Books and parchments

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Excessively low humidity may cause cracks that affect quality and safe preservation of the works.

Variations in relative humidity may cause cracks in the paint, with possible detachment from the support base and irreparable damage to the artwork.

Low relative humidity may cause paper and glue to dehydrate and crack.



For this reason museums, art galleries, archives and libraries must be equipped with extremely efficient and reliable systems to control the indoor climate, capable of maintaining precise air temperature and humidity conditions so as to protect the inestimable artistic heritage preserved in these structures. CAREL is a leader in the supply of complete air-conditioning and humidification solutions, aimed at ensuring precision and reliability while at the same time saving energy and reducing environmental impact.




humiSonic direct

humisonic direct

humiSonic direct is the new solution for direct room humidification that exploits innovative ultrasound technology.

humiSonic direct incorporates, in just one compact solution, all the components needed for operation, making it the best proposal on the market in terms of ease and flexibility of installation, for both new systems and the retrofit of existing buildings.

CAREL ultrasound technology minimises energy consumption, while at the same time reducing maintenance, thanks to the extraordinary lifespan of the piezoelectric transducers (up to 10,000 h). Hygiene is moreover guaranteed by the use of stainless steel components and automatic washing and filling cycles.

With Modbus compatibility available as standard, humiSonic direct can communicate with any control system, easily integrating with the rest of the installation.