Innovative technology parts for increased Air Handling Unit performance

The performance of a quality Air Handling Unit often reside in the selection of details.
The first issue is managing proper airflow in systems

Dampers play a key role in this. The primary function of dampers is to close the system during shutdown to prevent uncontrolled penetration of ambient air into the unit. Dampers are also used to control the recirculation flow rate and air flow through the heat recovery unit by-pass.

Choosing the correct damper class (according to EN 1751) is the key requirement for meeting the objectives, along with choosing a material that is durable based on the types of end-use applications of the system.

Another key aspect is ensuring the tightness in the enclosure of an Air Handling Unit. Infiltration of external air affects several of its features: it reduces the useful air flow rate, can have a negative impact on air quality, and can decrease the performance of the heat recovery system. Therefore, the unit should be as airtight as possible, but may find a weak point at any opening on the surface (e.g., doors, sections, etc.). The parts that ensure its airtightness have a key role in ensuring performance.

The third issue is to ensure that the most critical parts can be inspected, especially when the unit is compact and difficult to access. In this case, the ability to have just a visual inspection may help verify the condition of the part and whether it needs servicing.

For all these requirements ENGINIA, a member of the CAREL group, is the ideal partner for designing with the customer high-performing solutions for Air Handling Units designed for the most demanding applications. It designs and manufactures innovative technology products specifically dedicated to Air Handling Units, with a focus on solutions to increase AHU energy efficiency

ENGINIA offers a wide range of products such as Dampers available with various tightness classes (0-4 EN1751) and materials (galvanized, aluminium, stainless steel). Dampers are available for hygienic applications, in ATEX environment, thermal break and pressure relief for Data Centres. A wide range of handles, hinges and plastic parts are available to ensure the perfect closing and sealing of the AHU's parts that can be opened, and finally a series of portholes with built-in LED light to ensure complete inspection of units with inaccessible doors, thereby saving wiring costs and offering greater ease of use.

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